DairyTas Clean Rivers and Fert$mart Project Participants – TAS

Dairy farmers and their families should be able to drink the water that’s downstream of their farms: that is the credo of the Clean Rivers alliance between Tasmania’s farmers and dairy industry. The state’s dairy industry has grown rapidly over the last 25 years, with Tasmania now boasting the biggest average herd size in the country. Drawing on lessons from countries such as New Zealand and the Netherlands which have experienced a similar expansion, Fert$mart has sought to spotlight fertiliser and effluent management practices that preserve water quality. 157 farms have implemented Fert$mart plans, and DairyTas, farmers and financers have jointly invested over $3.5 million in sustainable projects. Over 300 of the state’s 430 dairy farmers and 107 farms have taken part.

DairyTas Clean Rivers and Fert$mart Project Participants Case Study

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